SUPERNOVA CONCEPT belongs to you. From the very first moment.


The brand new SUPERNOVA CONCEPT jewelry brand suits best to current and future consumer needs. It stands not only for highest technical standards but also for fashion and convenience oriented features. The Pure White Collection is an innovative product generation for the existing and new body jewelry family all over the world.

The smooth surface perfectly matches highest consumer demands. The patented and cadmium free IPC-Color-Coating on Surgical Steel 316L passed all nickel EU-Health requirements.

The outstanding glossy shine of the Pure White and all add on colors underline the new interpretation of world wide body jewelry.

The fine selection of SWAROVSKI Crystals in combination with our glossy IPC-Color-Coating stands for individuality.

SUPERNOVA CONCEPT uses just one standardized 1.2mm size of the thread for all products, no matter of the size of balls, bars, circulars etc.

Find out more about our innovative Pure White collection, discover black without compromises with the Absolute Black collection or enlight a fiery red with Fire Red. You can also buy SUPERNOVA CONCEPT products online.