SWAROVSKI was founded in 1895, and since, its jewelry features high quality and stunning sparkle. The founder, Daniel Swarovski, was a glass cutter & patented his idea of an electric cutting machine that improved the production of crystal glass. SWAROVSKI’s Crystal glass is since then meticulously edited, polished and honed in an individual fashion. These characteristics and more allowed SWAROVSKI to quickly gain reputation in international crystal trade.
During the production process, SWAROVSKI stones gain in precision and get their transparent and brilliant character. The myriad facets of SWAROVSKI’s crystals bring a wide variety of colors, comparable to diamonds. SWAROVSKI revolutionized especially fashion, jewelry and accessories with a variety of colors, shapes and attention to detail.

Piercing jewelry innovation from SUPERNOVA CONCEPT
SUPERNOVA CONCEPT Piercings are a new flavour in the accessories market. The embellishments with SWAROVSKI crystals guarantee the exclusivity of high quality body piercings. Components such as flesh tunnels, bananas and labrets combined with SWAROVSKI create unique components with a glossy shine like no other. The different colors are tailored to customers’ needs and provide a customized design. Consumers can create their personal favorite piece of body jewelry from the following Swarovski crystals:

Light Siam (LS)


Light Siam (LS)            Light Siam is a powerful, fiery red that radiates energy and strength




Aquamarine (AQ)


Aquamarine (AQ)       Aquamarine is a delicate, pure blue sea that inspires majesty and silence




Fuchsia (FA)


Fuchsia (FA)                 The fresh fuchsia, is an inspired bright pink that sets new trends




Blue Zircon (BZ)


Blue Zircon (BZ)           Blue Zircon is a bright green Petrol which represents vitality and freshness




Crystal (CC)


Chrystal (CC)               Chrystal CC is a bright, pure stone with a captivating sparkle showing cleanliness and innocence




Crystal AB (AB)


Chrystal (AB)               Chrystal AB gives a shimmer of different colors paired with the transparency of the stone and sparkles up to the size




Sapphire (SP)


Sapphire (SP)            Sapphire SP is a flashy, dark blue which lights up in the distance



All these diversities symbolizes a crystal clear commitment – SUPERNOVA CONCEPT piercings decorated with SWAROVSKI crystals. Experience yourself SUPERNOVA CONCEPT piercing products now!