Absolute Black Collection

ABSOLUTE BLACK means black without any compromise.

The newly developed Pure White desires a black equivalent with the same IPC-Color-Coating on Surgical Steel 316L. SUPERNOVA CONCEPT combines an Absolute Black highlight that has the same glossy, deep and smooth character as the Pure White collection. Absolute Black is beautiful and the combination with Pure White even more.

Absolute Black is many times more intense than any black that you can find on the market (PVD Steel). The countless combinations of this edition are as various as the offering in the PURE WHITE Collection. The patented and cadmium-free IPC-color Coating on Surgical Steel 316L passed all nickel EU-Health requirements.

The ABSOLUTE BLACK collection offers high-contrast body jewelry which will create new trends in terms of quality and design. The exquisite SWAROVSKI crystals, which are individually placed on the jewelry piece, emphasize the customization and uniqueness of the items. The standardized 1.2 mm SUPERNOVA CONCEPT thread offers a limitless range of combinations, regardless of ball size, bars, horseshoes or any other component. SUPERNOVA CONCEPT belongs to you. From the very first moment.