The PURE WHITE collection is a whole new innovation in body jewelry. Especially, the smooth surface promises incomparable comfort. The patented and cadmium-free IPC coating on 316L surgical steel creates a glossy shine. Moreover, all SUPERNOVA CONCEPT piercings meet the EU health requirements regarding the use of nickel.

PURE WHITE piercings are recognized by an intense white as you’ve never seen before. In addition, using a standardized 1.2 mm thread size allows combining each crystal ball with each bar, horseshoe or any other component. These technical specifications are the guarantee for easy and comfortable handling. The PURE WHITE collection items can be combined and customized with a variety of colors. Besides the technical aspect of SUPERNOVA CONCEPT piercings, the interaction of the SWAROVSKI crystals with our pastel and white colors creates a unique and innovative design in piercing jewelry.


Banana – Pure White

PURE WHITE Steel Banana: The chirugical steel 316L Banana comes in 3 different versions – Jewelled SWAROVSKI Banana, Double SWAROVSKI Banana and Multi SWAROVSKI – 8 Crystals Epoxy Banana.
The top ball is 8mm and the lower ball is 5 mm. This piercing can be worn this way in a one piece item, or can be also attached to two Swarovski crystals to the respective ends of the piercing. (Jewelled and Double Jewelled SWAROVSKI Banana) Finally, you can also get the banana with a 7 mm small ball on one side and a greater crystal on the other side. ( Multi SWAROVSKI – 8 Crystals Epoxy Banana)
The combinations are as individual as you can imagine allowing you to customize your item as you would like to. The PURE WHITE Banana is available in 3 sizes. You can choose between 6 mm, 8 mm, or 10 mm length. All PURE WHITE balls come with an outstanding glossy shine – from the very first moment, SUPERNOVA CONCEPT belongs to you.



Barbell – Pure White

PURE WHITE Steel Barbell: The PURE WHITE Barbell can be decorated with two balls or disc attachments. Different sizes such as the Micro Barbell (8 mm) or the Barbell (14 and 16mm) are available. Moreover, the 1.2 mm thread size offers several ways to make the piercing unique. With SUPERNOVA CONCEPT piercings creativity knows no bounds.





Labret (SP) – Pure White

PURE WHITE Steel Labret: A 3 mm ball with SWAROVSKI crystal is combined with this color-intense Pure White Micro Labret. A selection of seven fine crystals are available for this piercing, including Aquamarine (AQ) and Sapphire (SP). This gives room for individual customization. This piercing is available in 3 sizes – 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm length. The ball size is 4 mm and the thread size is 1.2 mm.





Steel Circular / BCR – Pure White

PURE WHITE Steel Circular / BCR (Horseshoe): SUPERNOVA CONCEPT offers a wide selection of horseshoe body piercings and Ball Closure Rings (also known as Circular piercings or BCR). The intense colors of the 316L Surgical Steel combine quality material with an incomparable appearance. It can be customized with shining SWAROVSKI crystals and popular pastel colored balls. Your options are unlimited.





Steel Flesh Tunnel (LS) – Pure White

PURE WHITE Steel Flesh Tunnels: SUPERNOVA CONCEPT Steel Flesh Tunnels are the future of piercings to adorn your ears. The cadmium-free IPC color coating will not flake and gives a brilliant shining experience. Sizes are available between 1.2 mm and up to 20 mm.
Furthermore, each SUPERNOVA CONCEPT Flesh Tunnel is unique by a fine selection of SWAROVSKI crystals which you can choose from 7 different colors. Every Flesh Tunnel with SWAROVSKI  is an exclusive piece of body jewelry. Available up to the size of 12 mm, creativity strikes again.




Pure White SWAROVSKI Jewelled Ball (BZ)

PURE WHITE Steel Replacement Parts: God is in the detail, that’s why you have unlimited opportunities to customize your piercings with SUPERNOVA CONCEPT. The balls are available from 2.5 mm to 6 mm and in a huge range of fine selected SWAROVSKI crystals, which creates an exclusive piercing item out of a kind.
In addition to the wide range of piercing balls in PURE WHITE and ABSOLUTE BLACK Edition, the Pastel Colors are elegant and discreet – for a light and positive attitude towards life. When combined with a SWAROVSKI crystal, they are a real eye-catcher. All Pastel Color Balls consist as well of the patented IPC-Color-Coating on Surgical Steel 316L. Therefore, the smooth surface and the glossy pastel character harmonizes best with Pure White and Absolute Black.
The black color, not to be forgotten in saturation and gloss can be combined with all colors and shapes. For customers who like it more discreet, the black ball can be chosen from 2 mm up to 6mm. Also, using a black replacement part with a white bar gives you an excellent color contrast.